Brooklyn Brewmaster's Reserve Lord Sorachi (9.5% ABV) $5.00 DRAFT LIMITED

This winter, rejoice as he assumes a new guise—Lord Sorachi! He takes this mighty form to help us through the cold dark days, and to raucously celebrate with us on our holidays. A "Super-Saison,” Lord Sorachi's bitterness is swift and sure, his hoppy pungency irresistible, and his strength assuring and immovable. Now, for a short time, embrace the mysterious duality of Sorachi Ace and Lord Sorachi.
  • Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery
  • Category: UNIQUE OPTIONS
  • Size: Goblet (11.2 oz)
  • The Broken Barrel Tavern • 4700 S Babcock St, Palm Bay, FL 32905
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