Beers in UNIQUE OPTIONS category.
These are some of the more unique or one-of-a-kind beers we could find from throughout the world. Each has a specific flavor and taste profile that differentiates it from anything within another category on this menu. Have questions - just ask!

Aecht Schlenkerla Marzen Rauchbier (5.4% ABV) $10.00 BOTTLE
Bhramari Paralytic Dreams (5.9% ABV) $6.00 - $12.00 - $22.00 DRAFT LIMITED
Lexington Hard Tea (5.2% ABV) $6.00 BOTTLE LIMITED
Proof Strawberry Lemonade Evil Kiss (4.5% ABV) $6.00 DRAFT LIMITED
Smirnoff Ice (5% ABV) $5.00 BOTTLE
White Claw- Black Cherry Hard Seltzer (5% ABV) $5.00 BOTTLE LIMITED
White Claw Grapefruit (5% ABV) $5.00 BOTTLE LIMITED
White Claw Mango (5% ABV) $5.00 BOTTLE LIMITED

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