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BBQ Egg Rolls:
Tender pulled rib meat, cole slaw and Bourbon BBQ sauce wrapped up and fried for a new twist on an old favorite. - $5.99
BBQ Nachos:
A Memphis classic; fresh seasoned chips, topped with your choice of meat, covered in cheese and our own Bourbon BBQ sauce then finished with lettuce, tomato and onion.
• Chicken - $9.99 • Pork - $9.99 • Pulled Rib - $9.99
• Salsa - Add - $0.50 • Sour Cream - Add - $0.50 • Turkey Chili (w/o BBQ Sauce) - $9.99
Cheese Stix:
We've decided cheese just isn't good enough on its own, so we'll fry it! - $6.99
Chip Cut Fries Four Ways:
Chip-cut fries, seasoned perfectly and topped how you like em
• Bleu Fries (bleu cheese dressing, bleu cheese crumbles, minced garlic and roasted red peppers) - $6.99 • Cheese Fries - $5.49 • Chili & Cheese Fries - $6.49
• Loaded Fries (Cheese, Bacon, Jalapeno & Scallion) - $7.99
Chips & Salsa:
Home-made salsa with fresh cilantro is a great way to start a meal! - $3.99
Giant Soft Pretzel:
A Bavarian classic, these are sold individually with your choice of classic yellow or spicy brown mustard. - $3.99
• Side of Cheese Sauce - $0.50
Onion Petals:
Battered petals, piled high and served with your choice of ranch or chipotle ranch. - $6.99
Pickle Chips:
Crinkle Cut, Battered and Golden Fried to perfection, comes with a side of our Chipotle Ranch. - $5.99
Ours is made with Cheese, Salsa and Turkey Chili with fresh ciltantro. - $6.99
Can't decide? Choose any three of these delicious appetizers! (No more than 2 chicken options, please) - $12.49
• BBQ Egg Rolls • Bleu Fries • Boneless Bites
• Cheese Fries • Cheese Stix • Chili Cheese Fries
• Fish Dip • Loaded Fries • Onion Petals
• Pickle Chips • Queso • Seasoned Fries
• Smoked Hummus • Sweet Potato Fries • Wings
Smoked Fish Dip:
Made right here, and this isn't your everyday dip. Mahi is marinated for hours, smoked to perfection, blended into a creamy smooth dip and served with chips. - $7.99
Smoked Hummus Plate:
Chickpeas and black beans are lightly smoked and blended together for a light and healthy snack. Served with celery, carrots & chips. - $6.99
Sweet Potato Fries:
Fry cut sweet potatoes drizzled in honey and dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar. - $6.99
Wing Time:
Served smoked (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - this is our specialty!) or traditional fried. Choose one of our sauces, if you like - but we know you don't need it for the smoked!
• 08 wings - $10.99 • 16 wings - $19.99 • 24 wings - $25.99
• 32 wings - $32.99 • 50 wings - $49.99
WARNING: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you certain medical conditions.
TBBT uses only Zero Trans-Fat oils.

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