First of all, welcome to the first place of its kind. Weve been working a long time to bring you this bar, and we certainly hope you like what weve done for you. The Broken Barrel Tavern is a 7,300 square foot beer-themed Sports Bar. We have, at any given time, 40 different draughts, 100+ bottled beers, 30+ selections from our whiskey bar and real, smoked from scratch BBQ. We are your one and only stop for great beer, drinks, BBQ, darts, pool, live entertainment, NTN trivia, special events, and a great time with friends.

About Our Beer

Our slogan is We take our beer seriously, so you dont have to! and we certainly mean it. We boast East Central Floridas (and one of the states) largest beer selections available. From the moment we receive the beer to the moment we serve it to you, we take every precaution so that it is treated in exactly the manner the brewer intended. Brewers work tirelessly so that their beers taste exactly the same to everyone drinking them around the world, every time. Too often beers are treated improperly, and it truly affects the taste. Here, you will see that the merchandiser doors into a massive walk in cooler are not see-through. We paint over them, and cover all of our lights with UV film, because ultraviolet light damages the hops in beer. The resulting reaction leaves the same chemical found in a skunks spray, hence the term skunked. Our goal is not to showcase the beer while it sits and waits for you, but to treat it correctly during that time so it can be showcased at the table and appreciated properly! We also vintage age our own beers here, in our very own custom Beer Cellar. Florida does not have the luxury of having underground cellars, so we insulate and temperature control a separate room for storage, again with UV light filters. We rinse every glass before serving, to ensure that no beer is served with any residue or dust in the glass. Speaking of glass, every beer here is poured in the proper glassware, often in its very own brewerys glass, for optimal enjoyment! On occasion we will recommend you allow a beer to rest to come up to a more optimal drinking temperature, in order to serve as the brewer intended. Each style of beer can be better enjoyed at certain temperatures, but feel free to have your beer at any temperature you prefer. And of course, please enjoy responsibly!

About Our Que

Smoked from scratch - it seems like a simple concept, and in fact it is. The problem is, very few BBQ places smoke their food from scratch any more. Too often ribs are boiled first, and then smoked for the sake of calling it BBQ. At The Broken Barrel Tavern, our food is authentic, made from scratch, and delicious! We use pecan wood in our enormous rotisserie smoker for a smooth flavor. We also have some truly remarkable sauces, but we really dont think youll need them. Most places use a sauce, usually loaded with sugar, to hide the shortcomings of their food. Here we take care to properly season and cook our food, so sauce is optional. Real BBQ takes time, and when it runs out, it takes time to make again properly. We apologize for this, but it is another sign of authentic, made-from-scratch bar-b-que.

This BBQ will change the way you view food from now on, of that we are sure! So, we invite you to experience all we have to offer: food, fun, and friends and hope you'll truly appreciate the place YOU deserve.


The Broken Barrel Tavern