Beers in LAMBIC category.
Lambics are brewed spontaneously, with wild yeasts of the Senne valley in Belgium, in open-air vats, producing the dry, vinous, cidery and slightly sour aftertastes. While not all lambics are made with fruits, most are fermented with whole fruits to produce the sweet and tart flavors to which we've become accustomed.
Lindemans Framboise (0.04 ABV) 12.0 BOTTLE
Lindemans Framboise (0.04 ABV) 7.0 DRAFT LIMITED
Lindemans Kriek (0.04 ABV) 12.0 BOTTLE
Lindemans Peche (0.04 ABV) 12.0 BOTTLE
Lindemans Pomme (0.04 ABV) 5.5 DRAFT LIMITED
St. Louis Framboise (0.045 ABV) 5.5 - 42.0 DRAFT

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