JDub's Hail Dale Pale Ale (HDPA) (5.9% ABV) $5.50 - $11.00 - $22.00 DRAFT LIMITED

HDPA is a pale ale brewed in collaboration with local southern garage/blues band “Hail Dale”. This brew has all the great aspects of a pale ale; citrus, tropical fruit and grassy hop character goes great with the smooth body. The oak spirals used, add a unique complexity of vanilla and oakyness that goes well with the hop character. A “Rockin’ Pale Ale”!
  • Brewery: JDub's Brew
  • Category: ALES
  • Size: Pint
  • The Broken Barrel Tavern • 4700 S Babcock St, Palm Bay, FL 32905
    321.728.4755 • Fax: 321.728.4756 • info@brokenbarreltavern.com