Persimmon Hollow Funky Freddie Fitz (6.5% ABV) $6.00 DRAFT LIMITED PINT NIGHT

Named after a family member’s grandfather, Freddie Fitzgerald, this Belgian stout can be the life of any party. With a crisp and clean finish, Fitz gives you the all sweet, malty flavors of a traditional stout without weighing your palate down. Belgian ale yeast provides that extra funk, making the beer as lively as an Irishman on Saint Paddy’s Day.
  • Brewery: Persimmon Hollow Brewing
  • Category: STOUT
  • Size: Goblet (11.2 oz)
  • The Broken Barrel Tavern • 4700 S Babcock St, Palm Bay, FL 32905
    321.728.4755 • Fax: 321.728.4756 •