Broken Barrel Database
  • [Soups & Salads] Soup & Salad - 6.99
    Choose cup of Soup and side House or Caesar Salad.
  • [Platters] All You Can Eat Ribs - 17.99
    Our tender, tasty ribs and as much as you want! Still comes with two sides and garlic toast! Best deal in town!
  • [Sandwiches] Smoked Turkey - 6.99
    Tender slices of piping hot whole smoked breast meat are served with lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce of your choice.
  • [Sandwiches] Pulled Chicken - 6.99
    These smoked-from-scratch birds are hand pulled and served with your choice of sauce.
  • [Sandwiches] Pulled Rib - 6.99
    Our delicious dry rubbed ribs are pulled from the bone, topped with our delicious cole slaw and served as the most flavorful sandwich you'll ever have!
  • [Sandwiches] Pulled Pork - 6.99
    We cook our butts off :-) for more than half a day, hand pull to perfection, then cover it in slaw. We recommend the Carolina Vinegar Sauce, but feel free to choose your favorite.
  • [Sandwiches] BBQ Tacos
    Baja Style corn salsa and Baja sauce Regular Style (lettuce, tomato and onion w/ wasabi ginger and fresh cilantro)
    3 BBQ Tacos - Pulled Pork or Chicken served in your favorite style